International Women’s Day

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Happy Friday !!!!!


Happy International Women’s Day

So what goals have you achieved thus far? I know you are probably looking at the news or online seeing women from all across the world telling their stories on how they overcame adversities. It’s very inspirational, however what are you going to do to tell your story on how you overcame a situation. The time is now!! Women from every country, are taking a stand to accomplish their goals. 

Years ago I wanted to be a actress, I could mimic every voice I heard, and I still can do it til this day, however I didn’t pursue it because l really shy at the time, and had suffered from anxiety. It’s funny the universe has a way of opening you up to something that you least expect. Currently I’m in school working towards earning my degree in communications. My goal is to become a writer and an active blogger. I would love to travel around the world and blog about the places that I’ve traveled, and the people that I’ve meet, that inspired me in some form or fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and I love having an online business, but my heart right now is writing. I remember my English professor told that I was a good writer, I just needed to take my time, because he felt that my writing seemed rushed. Accepting constructive criticism is key. Listen to someone that you can learn from, and work on being a better you. Work on being a better Woman. :) 

 Feature Boss Day’s will resume on March 22nd .

Have an awesome Spring Break !

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