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As you may know I am a sucker for hats. All types of hats, baseball, fedora,berets, cowboy, and baker boy hats. Hats can make any outfit look great. You could be having a bad hair day and just slip on a hat and out the door you go. I own over 50 hats. I've been a hat lover since I was a little girl.

Where do you get the love for hats from?

Well my dad, I remember as a little girl I use to love to watch my daddy get ready to go out. He would wear the best suits and he would complete his suit with a Fedora Hat. He even had hat boxes for storage. He told me that the key to a good hat, is to go to a hat specialist to get sized for the right hat. Well I'm not on that level yet, but I do plan on getting my correct hat size. Hat has to be taken care of , they even have hat deodorant sprays and wipes. Hats are like a decorative statement piece. The first thing a person would notice is your hat. Now that fall is right around the corner, go and purchase and get you a good Fedora.

I have provided a list of various types of hats.  Enjoy!

Whats your favorite hat? 


Gucci Felt wide-brim hat 
$ 915 


Floppy Brim Wool Fedora

Rico Fur Felt Hat, Main, 

Star Straw Cowboy Hat


Multicolor Beret


Brixton + UO Stills Hat

adidas Originals Denim Bucket Hat



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