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Happy Wednesday Peeps. 

We are halfway through the work week and I'm sitting here thinking,  what to post today? Lately I've been noticing post on the famous Harlem designer and tailor Dapper Dan and Gucci collaboration. I remember Dapper Dan styling  Hip Hop artist and drug dealers in the 80's and early 90's. He styled them with the bootleg version of MCM, Louis Vuitton, this. It brung out their styles and people wanted to see more. Soon the designer was styling for actors, and athletes.  Dapper Dan also had a boutique and he use to make fur coat and units, by using the contraband of the designers. Later, his boutique was raided and closed down for using unauthorized designer materials. Who would of thought that over 30 years later that he would have a partnership with one of the high end designer GUCCI. And check this out y'all Gucci provided him with all the fabrics, how cool is that?  check out the latest style on

Would you Splurge ? 



Gucci-Dapper Dan lion head necklace  $ 2,980

Gucci-Dapper Dan lion head necklace  $ 2,980

Gucci-Dapper Dan sweater  Save for later $ 3,700

Gucci Dapper Dan Sweater $3700

Gucci Dapper Dan Pants $1500

Dapper Dan Gucci Back Pack $3,390

Gucci Dapper Dan Backpack $3490


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