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Happy Friday Humans!

My New Years starts February 1st, My January still had some 2018 stuff going on.Don't get me wrong I did meet a few of my goals this month, but I know I need to push myself further so guys lets keep pushing. 


Without further due let me introduce you to this dynamic duo. These two women are killing it in Alabama, and all over Instagram. The founders are LaShoundra Young & Dawn Rankin they have an online of boutique and blog.

Check them out @ shoppeinsideout.com based in Mobile, Alabama.

1. What's the name of your business and how long have you been established?


2. How did you get started?

InsideOut was founded by Dawn Rankin and noted fashion blogger LaShoundra Young in 2016. Amidst managing family and work, these two business savvy friends created an ultra trendy online women's clothing shoppe. The pair diligently used their keen business sense to establish their brand from the ground up. 

3. What was that one moment in your life when you decided to become a boss? 

The day we were born!

4. With so much competition out there, what keeps your brand unique?

We stay unique by staying in our own lane and being better than we were the previous day!

5. What advice would you give to a person that's trying to become a boss?

Take one day at a time. Trust the process !

There you have it guys. Two beautiful ladies that are doing it! When bosses link up the outcome can be phenomenal !!

Check out @youngatstyle on Instagram 

They are a true definition of bosses linking up.

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