Feature Boss Fridayz: FEAST WITH BEASTS

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Happy Friday Everyone !!!

Hope you all had a fabulous week

We moving forward with our feature boss segment and I'm excited to feature another duo. Bosses at work literally, if you are looking to workout and to see results check out these guys. 

1. What's the name of your business and how long have you been established?

Feast With Beast Fitness

2. How did you get started?

Marvin Lemond and Chris Caldwell met over 18 years ago at Texas Southern University as teammates playing football. After graduation we continued to train together. Marvin is a dedicated local cross-fit champion, and Chris is a licensed personal trainer and top-rated boot camp instructor in the Houston area. In an effort to further inspire individuals to improve their health and reach their personal fitness goals, we collaborated to create Feast With Beasts (FWB) fitness. 

3. What was that one moment in your life when you decided to become a boss?

Being self employed/business owner entrepreneur was always a goal since each our younger years. But for us its was never one moment, just a series of things that helped it come together naturally. We both went through personal physical transformations getting our minds and of course bodies healthy. We lost over 150 pounds between the two of us. And becoming bosses was the culmination of it all.

4. With so much competition out there, what keeps your brand unique?

What makes our brand stand out is you get two trainers for the price of one. Can't think of many places that do that. And as much as we coach physical we also emphasize a total lifestyle change. Spiritual, family environment and total health. Not just quick 30 day crash dieting but help people implement the type of eating habits they can use for the rest of their lives. 

5. What advice would you give a person that's trying to become a boss?

Our advice would be that we are all already bosses, try not to be just a boss. Be a Leader In your home, at your job, and in your community. And be a "'Beast " at everything your do.


Great advise guys 

Thank for taking time out to answer, I'm going to come check you out. 

Check them out on instagram:@feastwithbeasts_hou

The Gym is located : 3609 Emancipation, Houston, Tx

Here are a couple of videos of Marvin & Chris At work.. 




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