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Well Good Morning and Happy Friday People!

We are heading into our 5 week of the new year and the question remains have you worked on your goals for the year? Well get up and get to it, we got money to make.

This weeks boss I’ve been following for a while on instagram and I must say first off she’s gorgeous!

2nd she does great work and very professional, without no further due let’s get started .

1.  What’s the name of you business and how long have you been established?

WORLDWIDEWHITNEY is my brand and I created it on 2015.

2. How did you get started?

I’m originally from Memphis,TN and initially hair was a hobby for me that turned into something bigger than I can ever imagine. I recently visited China for 2 weeks in 2015 and upon my return at Thanksgiving dinner my Uncle jokingly called me “WorldWideWit”. It resonated in my spirit because I’ve always wanted to travel the world and experience new things.

3.  What was that one moment in your life when you decided to become a boss ?

Oh wow ! Great question... First, I do not consider myself a boss per say (lol) I am just a hungry, hardworking lady who understands that everything in life is earned and not given. Once I understood that..... life has never been that same for me. Being a leader and someone to inspire others is my goal in life l. 

4. With so much competition out there, what keeps your brand unique?

Competition fuels my success... I think authenticity as well as understanding the importance of giving my clients behind the chair and consulting clients and experience is what keeps them coming back. I value people’s time and offer professionalism (which I think is lacking) in the Houston market. My brand is me. I make sure I seek out the areas that are lacking and from there I build on what is missing.

5. What advice would you give to a person that’s trying to become a boss ? 

The best advice I could give someone trying to excel is to be s team player where you are now. I’m forever a student and I surround myself with like minded individuals who want more. Before you lead, you must be able to follow. Last but definitely not least... put God first, you simply cannot do without him . 

Thank you worldwidewhitney for being the “boss” of the week. I love when she say, Competition fuels my success!! Amen !!

 You can check her out at the following location:

 Color Du Jour Makeup Studio

3425 S Shepard Dr #330

Houston, TX 77098






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