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A number of students have started school this week, and all the kids look so adorable and excited for an upcoming school year. I know a lot of parents hate school shopping especially the kids that are going to high school  It seems as though the high schoolers have their own style, so at times its difficult to shop for them.  

Lately I've seen a lot of the high school and college kids wearing Fila Gear. Fila originated in northern Italy by the Fila brothers and later made it's way to the United States. In the 1970's a lot of the ball players were caught seen wearing Fila, however it made it's way to the early Hip Hop artist in the late 80's and early 90's. Eventually a lot of high schoolers were wearing Fila in the 90's. The late 90's everyone was wear Jordans so the Fila brand wasn't as popular.

Now the brand is back with various types of apparel. I'm digging their style again and might get me a couple of Fila Units 


Check them out, they showing out y'all. 

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