80's Fashion is back

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History always repeats it self. Well with the fanny packs, windbreakers, and chunky tennis shoes the 80's apparel is now here in 2020.  I started noticing that people were wearing the fanny packs at the beginning of the year. So I went ahead and cop me and Moschino fanny pack. I wanted something different that no one else had in Houston, and so far I haven't seen anyone with it (knock on wood).  I always like to collect a item every year that I can wear off and on from season to season. With various brands and styles, you can wear the fanny pack with almost anything. I would wear my fanny pack with a fancy after 5 dress, and some cute booties. 

Now, I haven't gotten into the chunky tennis shoes, I personally can't get with it. It looks like orthopedic shoes to me. Now don't get me wrong, it's a few out there that looks ok, but it's just not my style. I guess it depends on how you dress it. I would wear them with a windbreaker and a short denim skirt. Yea that sounds cute. 

Lastly, we have the windbreakers, now with the rain and wind that will soon to come during the fall season, I would definitely invest in a windbreaker. You can dress it with some leggings or denim jeans, paired with thigh high boots, or high top tennis shoes. 

So get you some 80's gear and show me how you would rock it. Here are a few looks of the 80's fashion 



Loving this Burberry Windbreaker 


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