70's Obsession

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Let's honor the 70's.

I'm a 70's baby, and I have always been obsessed with 70's fashion. I remember when I was little girl my mom use to make my sister and I clothes out of old jeans. It was one outfit that she made it was a denim skirt that flared out with a white lace pattern, I was so in love with that skirt OMG!  I remember my dad use to play all  genres of music. Once album that I use to love was Rod Stewart. As a little girl I use to just stare at the photos on the albums and watch my dad sing to the hymns. 

 70's fashion mostly consisted of high waist pants and bell sleeve shirts. The men and women wore this attire and it was the norm during that time. The designers at the time was Halston, Yves Saint Laurent, and Diane von Furnstenburg who are still relevant today.  

With that being said, I provided a few photos of the 70's style, shop themodernhippieclothing.com  and you can Rock your vintage distress Tee's in any of these selected styles.



My favorite Rod  Stewart album, It reminds me of my childhood




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