5K Race Against Domestic Violence

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This past weekend I participated in the 5K walk “Race against Domestic Violence” I was apprehensive at first. Why? Because it felt as though I would get too emotional. Domestic violence is all too real to me and has affected my family in many ways. I was even affected by domestic violence.  My mom was a volunteer last year and she was so moved by it that she wanted to actually want to participate in the walk this year. Last week she mentioned to me about joining the walk, and like I said I really didn’t want to do it.  I told her that I will donate to the cause, but I really didn’t want to get involve.

Well, a couple of days before I decided to change my mind and participate. I called my mom on Friday night and told her that I was going to register on her team and join. Well around 7:30 pm I got on the computer and found that the registration was closed. I was so mad at myself, thinking oh boy what can I do.  So I called my mom back and told her that I was unable to register and that I would just come and support her. She sounded disappointed and she stated that I may register in the morning. Me not wanting to get up extra early on a Saturday morning to go register. I love getting my sleep in on Saturday mornings ya’ll. Lol!  Well by my surprise I woke up on time and got to the race around 7:15 a.m. I was able to register and participate in the walk/race.  It was so rewarding to get out there and talk to people and hear their stories about their loved ones that they lost to domestic violence. I even shared my story of how my auntie lost her life to violence. And how I myself was affected.  Thinking that I wasn’t strong enough or that I was going to be a cry baby, I actually surprised myself.  It really felt good to join the walk, and it was for a good cause, and I even burned some calories.  Moving forward I will vow to myself to participate and even volunteer to help and assist with the Houston women’s shelter. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please contact the following.  

HAWC : Houston Area Women’s Center


Domestic Violence Hotline

713 528 25121

Toll free : 800 256 0551

Sexual Assault Hotline:

713 528 7273

Toll free: 800 256 0661  






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