When did you fall in love with Hip Hop ?

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Favorite 90's Hip Hop Album

Today I'm reminiscing about the 90's. The 90's was the best decade for me. I graduated from high school, moved to Cali, came back to the H.. I kinda wish I stayed in Cali, but something ran me away. .. Nonetheless I came home and try to make something of myself. But every time that I either listen to the above the Rim soundtrack I think about Cali, Or if I listen to UGK album Riding Dirty I think about my home H-Town. 


Kappa Beach party '96 was so live.

Kappa Beach Party 90's

I can remember my sister and I and a couple of our friends drove down there in my sister white Honda civic. The night before I dyed my hair honey blonde and roller wrap it, so it could be cute and fresh for the beach party. I was dating this guy at the time that would always buy me Tommy Hilfiger. Chyle I wore at Hilfiger red shirt, denim shorts and some Hilfiger Slides. The traffic was so heavy driving down there, we were parked on the highway dancing and just having a good time. On the way down we listen to UGK Dirty Money, my favorite song on the album was "Pinky Ring." I loved to see a man wearing a Pinky Ring. That was the in thing at the time, and looks like it still is lol !  Anyways, we ran into a group of guys, and one guy in particular caught my eye (I'm flirtatious at times), we had a good conversation, I coerce him into buying us lunch, so he did. He took us to Landry's on the seawall and it about 10 of us at the table just talking drinking and having a good time. Welp I gave "Big Country" (that was his name and I'm sticking to it) lol! We ended up dating a few times, it' a story behind that, but I will share that at another time...... 


Do you have any fun memories of the 90's ? Let us know. Express Yourself

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